OMG, a wireless charger for your devices!

A new company argues that wireless cellphone charging will revolutionize life on planet Earth.

By Farhad Manjoo

Published June 13, 2007 8:33PM (EDT)

A company called WildCharge is promising to change "life as we know it!" Yes! What will change? Here's how they put it: "Simply stated -- it will be Life Unplugged™!" Yay! Life, but Unplugged™! What you've always wanted.

So here's the deal. WildCharge makes a thing it calls a "wireless charger." It's a little mat you place on a table, and when you drop a device on this magical mat -- cellphone, iPod, iPhone, creepy child robot, whatever -- the device will start charging up. As WildCharge promises in frequently internally capped, jumpy marketing prose, "No more will you have to deal with the clutter of cords, chargers, adapters and congested outlets for your mobile electronic devices. A single WildCharger™ is all you will need at your home, office or on the road."

Seriously, this sounds fine, maybe even fun. But do you suppose you're maybe getting a little too out of your skin, WildChargers™? You've built a thing that helps people more easily charge up their cellphones. Let's not mention the one problem with your concept -- that in order to WildCharge™ anything, you've got to plug a WildCharge adapter into each of your devices, which, depending on how you've built it, may not be any less hassle than actually plugging the thing into the wall. But even if you did this perfectly, let's review what you've done: You have saved me the step of plugging something into the wall. Great, now I can stop worrying about Iraq.

But for all of you wireless charging aficionados out there wondering when you can buy your own WC™, here's one more thing from the release: "Mark this date -- 7-7-07 -- a lucky number indeed!"

[Via Gadget Lab.]

Farhad Manjoo

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