A device to check if your dog is too fat

Now you don't have to lie when your dog asks if that sweater makes his butt look too big.

By Farhad Manjoo
June 15, 2007 8:26PM (UTC)
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This is one of those technologies -- photocopy machines, jumper cables -- that spark the question, What would happen if I used it on people? (If this question comes up often in your life, you might be Dick Cheney.) It's a device to measure your dog's body fat, handy if you fear your pug's turning into a pudge. Alas, looks like it's only available in Japan. No word on price, either. Still, try to get one; your dog will thank you.


[Via Gadget Lab, Oh Gizmo, Ubergizmo, and this Japanese page with lots of pictures of dogs getting fat scanned.]

Farhad Manjoo

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