Ah, yes, but he's still got 570 days to go

The president's very bad week.

By Tim Grieve
June 30, 2007 12:44AM (UTC)
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NYU Professor Paul Light at the end of the week in which George W. Bush has seen the collapse of the immigration deal he wanted, increased Republican opposition to the war in Iraq, new subpoenas from Congress, the beginning of a legal fight over existing subpoenas from Congress, the assignment of Scooter Libby's inmate number, new revelations about Dick Cheney and a sign that the Supreme Court might be reversing course on Guantánamo Bay:

"It's the incredible shrinking presidency. He's lost battles in the courts. He's lost battles in Iraq. He's lost battles on Capitol Hill. His bank account is empty and there's nowhere to go for more. I think his presidency is essentially over."

Tim Grieve

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