Notes on A Tragic Legacy

Various matters concerning my book, including its debut on the NYT BestSeller List

By Glenn Greenwald

Published July 6, 2007 11:03AM (EDT)

I learned last night that A Tragic Legacy has made The New York Times Best-Seller list for the week of July 15. Apparently based on the pre-order week, the book will debut at #31 on the Hardcover Non-fiction list, and the list will be published online tomorrow. Hopefully, based on the strong sales of the subsequent week, it will rise on next week's list.

Thanks again to the many bloggers who brought attention to the book, as well as a large number of readers here who helped promote it in numerous ways. The number of reviews of the book in major newspapers and magazines is still zero. Perhaps the book's making the NYT list will help generate some establishment media reviews, though that was exactly what I said last year about How Would a Patriot Act? when it made the list, but it turned out not to be the case.

The America Library Association's Booklist has reviewed the book and describes it as "a compelling examination" of the underlying drives of the Bush presidency. I doubt any review will surpass the quality of Susan G's review at Kos. Finally, I highly recommend what has been an excellent week-long discussion of the book's Iran chapter over at TPM Book Club -- featuring Ezra Klein, Seth Gitell of the New York Sun and Chris Floyd. I hope to add a response later today.

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