No excuses for survivors of "unplanned sexual events"

Baptists for Brownback get their Swift on.

Published July 25, 2007 3:45PM (EDT)

The blog of a group calling itself Baptists for Brownback 2008 has launched a campaign called "Cry USE not RAPE." Their manifesto: "We have concluded that the acronym U.S.E. (Unplanned Sexual Event), when used regularly to replace the word 'rape,' will remove the stigma associated with this sometimes unpleasant situation. It is our mission to protect the innocent lives of the babies that are part of His plan and eliminate the excuses given by many women when a precious baby just isn't convienient [sic]."

Boy, could that Nebraska judge have used their help. Except, yeah, this is satire. (So, it seems, is this.) Sick genius satire, if you ask me: shades of Atwood and DeLillo (though here and there, I find it goes a bit too far). (Certain clued-out commenters don't.) Like that Onion piece a while back, this one gets filed under funny scary.

By Lynn Harris

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