He votes with Democrats, doesn't he?

Wolf Blitzer blurs the truth about Lieberman -- and Lieberman plays right along.

Published July 30, 2007 3:52PM (EDT)

In a CNN interview Friday, Wolf Blitzer introduced Sen. Joe Lieberman as an independent, then stopped to explain: "We always point out that you're an independent, but you vote with the Democrats." Lieberman responded by saying "correct," even though it isn't: While Lieberman still caucuses with Senate Democrats, he often votes with Republicans, as he did the other day when Democrats (and a handful of Republicans) tried to move on a measure aimed at drawing down troop levels in Iraq.

So will Lieberman "vote with the Democrats" when it comes time to choose a new president in 2008? Not necessarily. Blitzer asked Lieberman what he'd do if the choice came down to Hillary Clinton or John McCain. His response: "I've said all along that I'm going to wait this one out until both parties choose their nominee or Mike Bloomberg may get in as a third party. Then I'm going to support whichever of the candidates I think is best for the future of our country, regardless of party. So, it's an open question, and I'm glad to be watching all that you're helping to do to inform me about the choice I will ultimately make, Wolf."

By Tim Grieve

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