Clinton makes peace with bloggers

After drawing hisses and boos, Hillary Clinton announces that she will meet individually with a group of bloggers after all.

Published August 3, 2007 5:17PM (EDT)

CHICAGO -- If this were the Drudge Report, I would put up the siren. Last night's kerfuffle over Hillary Clinton's decision not to meet one-on-one with a group of bloggers at YearlyKos is on its way to resolution.

Mary Rickles, of the YearlyKos press shop, just e-mailed to say that Clinton has now decided to meet with the bloggers after all, after an announcement Thursday night that she would not attend the expected session. The only thing that has changed is the schedule. "Clinton will attend the breakout session, but it will be prior to the main session of the forum and not after," Rickles wrote.

My guess is that this soothes the hard feelings reflected in Thursday night's booing and hissing, when the conference organizers announced that Clinton had backed out of the event. In the end, the minor controversy has only highlighted the importance of Clinton's visit to YearlyKos. This is her moment with the netroots. On Saturday, Clinton will have a chance to prove her respect for the liberal blogosphere and ask for support. This is a generally respectful crowd, but no one knows for sure how well she will be received.

By Michael Scherer

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