Roundup: Secret wardrobes and caffeinated memories

Young women in big cities earn more than young men, the Duggar family just had its 17th child, and more.

Published August 7, 2007 6:58PM (EDT)

Do most women have secret wardrobes that they hide from their husbands, so that the men in their lives will never know how much those shoes actually cost?

According to the New York Times, young women in some American cities are now earning more than young men. But according to the Wall Street Journal's Numbers Guy, this may not be entirely true.

The New Yorker critiques Lifetime's Sunday lineup -- and apparently doesn't like it too much.

A while back, Broadsheet's Lynn Harris wrote about the Duggar family, in which the parents eschewed birth control in favor of having 16 kids. Well, guess what? They just popped out the 17th, and someone made this poster in their name.

According to a study reported on by NPR, women who negotiate for higher salaries are viewed more negatively than men who do the same thing.

Anyone hanging out in Shanghai, China, this weekend might want to check out the fourth sex expo there. Over 300 "historic" sex toys will be on display, along with a sex products dealer fair where visitors can buy more modern accessories.

Last, just to keep you confused about whether your coffee is going to kill you or keep you healthy, here's an article about a study demonstrating that coffee had a positive effect on older women's memories. (That is, it improved women's ability to remember things; it did not improve the quality of the memories per se.) Drink up.

By Catherine Price

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