Roundup: Viagra, women who like money and more

A bizarre Viagra ad, good news for aspiring female airline executives and a smack-down of "The Secret Lives of Women."

Published August 14, 2007 10:00PM (EDT)

Globally, far more men smoke than women (47 percent versus 12 percent, according to the Associated Press). But those numbers are changing -- in the wrong direction. According to the latest report from the World Conference on Tobacco, "the gender gap in tobacco consumption among youths is closing," with increasing numbers of girls picking up the habit thanks, in part, to aggressive marketing efforts by tobacco companies.

Was anyone else mystified by the latest Viagra commercial, in which a group of guys gathered together in what looks like a truck stop jam about the joys of the monogamous life? With a rousing chorus of "Viva Viagra!" and lyrics along the lines of "At the end of the day I'm not a guy who will stray 'cause she's my heart's desire," the song is truly bizarre -- suggesting that if you take Viagra, you'll be more likely to stay faithful. I'd thought Viagra gave you erections, but I didn't realize it prevented wandering eyes. Who knew? (For additional commentary, click here.)

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting (and free) article up about female airline executives that asserts that as the airline industry relies less on the military for recruits, there'll be more opportunities for women.

Here's a news flash: According to this snippet from the London Stock Exchange's Web site: "It has been suggested that women tend to be put off by finance while liking money, according to the director of AJS Wealth Management." (She is later quoted as saying that "women are put off by finance but like money," which, one might argue, is a statement applicable to most people -- men and women both -- who don't work in finance.)

Last, for anyone who's annoyed by the TV series "The Secret Lives of Women," here's a smack-down (of the show, that is), courtesy of the Huffington Post.

By Catherine Price

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