Young Karl Rove

And other experiments in Salon video.

Published August 15, 2007 4:40PM (EDT)

On Tuesday I stumbled on the great YouTube video of a January 1972 Dan Rather report on Richard Nixon's reelection campaign. It was interesting for a lot of reasons -- especially the way Rather zeroed in on the GOP's early advantage in direct mail and computerized targeting of supporters -- but mainly for a clip of the young Karl Rove, identified as the GOP "college director," explaining how he was helping Republicans go after young voters. Yes, it reminded me why (many readers are too young to remember) the Committee to Re-elect the President was routinely referred to as "CREEP."

I worked with Salon's new multimedia producer, Caitlin Shamberg, to create a short video zeroing in on the Rove clip, which ran in Video Dog.

As I promised a few weeks back, we're starting to expand our original video. Salon's Michael Scherer has been doing his own reports from the campaign trail. I liked this one on Sen. Sam Brownback.

And I thought Shamberg's video produced to go along with Katharine Mieszkowski's feature on the curse of plastic bags was fascinating. (I'll never let a plastic New York Times bag slip into the paper recycling ever again.)

We'll be ramping up in the weeks to come. Tell us what else you'd like to see.

By Joan Walsh

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