Larry Craig? Hey, look! It's al-Qaida!

Fox News on another GOP sex scandal.

Published August 28, 2007 2:45PM (EDT)

We've been watching Fox News this morning, curious to see what the "fair and balanced" network is saying about news that GOP Sen. Larry Craig pled guilty to a disorderly conduct charge after being arrested for soliciting sex in an airport men's room.

Here's what we just heard from Fox anchor Megyn Kelly:

"The senator and the sex sting: Something happened inside this airport bathroom in Minnesota, but did it constitute a crime? That's coming up. But our top story this half hour is that new report we told you about earlier, saying that al-Qaida has an active plot to attack the West."

To be fair, Fox is hardly alone here. Right-wing blogger and radio host Hugh Hewitt said Monday that, even if Craig really did plead guilty just to get the matter behind him, the senator still should resign. "[E]ven if I did believe him," Hewitt said, "this would make his judgment too flawed to be in the United States Senate in a time of war."

By Tim Grieve

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