Where were you really, Rudy?

Why did Giuliani bail out of the Baker-Hamilton commission?

By Tim Grieve
September 20, 2007 5:22PM (UTC)
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When Rudy Giuliani resigned from the Baker-Hamilton commission last year -- Jim Baker had told him he'd better start showing up to meetings or quit -- he said in a letter that "previous time commitments" prevented him from participating in the group's work on Iraq.

We read that to mean: "I'd rather be giving lucrative motivational speeches."


Now that Giuliani's decision to resign from the commission has become an issue -- Giuliani's critics are using it as a way to undercut his attacks on Hillary Clinton and MoveOn -- America's Mayor is singing a different tune. As Think Progress reports, Giuliani told CNN Wednesday that he left the commission because he was afraid his political aspirations would have "totally politicized" the report.

The catch? Giuliani joined the commission in 2006, long after he started talking publicly about running for president. How is it that he didn't decide until after he started missing meetings that his presidential run might be a problem?

Tim Grieve

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