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Atoosa Rubenstein, former Seventeen editor, says girls need inspirational drag queens.

Published October 5, 2007 8:49PM (EDT)

Atoosa Rubenstein, erstwhile editor of Seventeen magazine, is developing a new enterprise: Alpha Kitty. For now, the project consists of a series of Andy Warhol-inspired -- yes, seriously -- video blogs on YouTube. The videos feature Rubenstein's musings on pimples, airbrushing, Oprah and drag queens. Here, she explains that with all of girls' fashion idols locked away in rehab, they really just need an inspirational drag queen:

"I really believe the next big style icon is gonna be a drag queen. Think about it. All of the girls for the past few years who we've totally been worshipping their style, they are self-destructing! They either look terrible 'cuz they have personal problems, they're cutting their hair off, they're in rehab ... they're nuts! But we still need inspiration! Along comes the drag queen. The right one's gonna come and we're gonna fall in love with her!"

Right, because if biological women can publicly perform inspirational femininity for only so long before completely self-destructing, we should instead usher in drag queens as more sustainable fashion icons; and as we aspire to an even more impossible representation of womanhood, maybe we'll be the ones self-destructing, instead of our idols.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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