Clinton on Gore '08: "I think we've got great candidates running"

Best wishes for the Nobel, but we've got this whole White House thing covered.

Published October 12, 2007 1:22PM (EDT)

Hours before the Nobel committee announced that it was awarding this year's Peace Prize to Al Gore, Keith Olbermann asked Hillary Clinton for her thoughts on the possibility that Gore might get into the presidential race.

She said she hoped he'd win the Nobel Prize.

"You know, I think we've got great candidates running," she continued. "We have a wonderful field. We don't have to be against anybody. All you have to do is to find who you're for. And I'm just going to keep doing the best job I can to earn the support of as many voters as I can reach."

In related news, Clinton has apparently wrapped up the endorsement of Walter Mondale, the last Democratic vice president who wasn't Al Gore.

By Tim Grieve

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