Burqas vs. lips like "a goose anus"

Artist Marjane Satrapi compares Muslim women's veiling to American women's plumping their lips with collagen.

Published October 22, 2007 7:56PM (EDT)

Wowzers. It's safe to say: Sunday morning, Deborah Solomon's Q&A with Marjane Satrapi in the New York Times Magazine resulted in a nationwide squall of spewed coffee. At the start of the interview, Satrapi -- the author of the fantastic graphic novel "Persepolis," which details her childhood in Iran during the Islamic revolution -- was surprisingly well behaved. But along came a question about Muslim women wearing veils -- a question we've often asked ourselves but have never answered so, er, colorfully:

Are you suggesting that veiling and unveiling women are equally reductive? I disagree.

We have to look at ourselves here also. Why do all the women get plastic surgery? Why? Why? Why should we look like some freaks with big lips that look like an anus? What is so sexy about that? What is sexy about having something that looks like a goose anus?

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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