Do as I say, not as I do

Giuliani repeatedly predicts Clinton's nomination -- then attacks her for looking ahead.

Published October 29, 2007 5:57PM (EDT)

Rudy Giuliani, August 2007: "If you want to defeat Hillary Clinton, I would be the best person to do that because I can make this campaign nationwide."

Rudy Giuliani, September 2007: "I'm the only Republican candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton."

Rudy Giuliani, October 2007: "I believe [Hillary Clinton] will be the nominee."

Rudy Giuliani, attacking Clinton this weekend for saying that, upon her election, she would immediately send emissaries to foreign countries to announce the end of "cowboy diplomacy": "Hillary's not even the nominee of her party. It's very, very premature to be talking about sending ambassadors all around the world even before she becomes president to interfere with the foreign policy of the United States."

Maybe Giuliani is just a little sensitive about that whole "planning for the future" thing. Asked over the summer to explain why the 12 major priorities he laid out for his presidency -- who's premature? -- didn't include any discussion of Iraq, the mayor of 9/11 said: "Iraq may get better; Iraq may get worse. We may be successful in Iraq; we may not be. I don't know the answer to that. That's in the hands of other people."

By Tim Grieve

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