Tom Tancredo parodying himself

We could swear we've heard one line of the anti-immigration congressman's latest campaign ad somewhere before.

By Alex Koppelman
November 13, 2007 3:45AM (UTC)
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Courtesy of Talking Points Memo, I was just watching the latest ad put out by Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Boy, is it a doozy. There are, of course, blatant scare tactics, not to mention a hokey explosion, but for me there was one deciding factor that made me sit back and wonder: Is he serious?

Here, see for yourself. Here's Tancredo's ad -- pay special attention to the narrator's voice about 10 seconds in, when he says, "There are consequences to open borders beyond the 20 million aliens who've come to take our jobs."


Now, maybe I just watch too much television (and I've almost certainly watched too much of this show in particular), but was anyone else out there reminded of the parody of the immigration issue that "South Park" did a few years back? That episode, after all, featured the repetition of the mantra "They took our jobs!" in a way that's really quite similar to the Tancredo ad. The words are slightly different, but the tone and inflection are note perfect. (Skip to about 1:20 in to this video.)

Clearly, the real jobs under threat are those of humorists under a Tancredo administration -- the man is good enough at self-parody to run them all out of business.

Alex Koppelman

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