The snowman cometh, again

On the eve of the GOP YouTube debate, a time for scrolling through the submitted questions.

By Michael Scherer
November 27, 2007 7:14PM (UTC)
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The clock is ticking on the Return of the Snowman, an event also known as the Republican CNN/YouTube debate, which is set for Wednesday night. This means that campaign staff are dutifully scouring the thousands of video questions that have been submitted over YouTube to seek out any bombs that might be thrown at their candidate. According to the Washington Post, two of the Republican campaigns have already filed preemptive complaints with CNN producers, worrying about the network's presumed liberal bias.

A quick scroll through the YouTube files reveals a wide range of possible selections. Here are some highlights:


The snowman cometh, again

Abortion is murder, now what?

Coached kid in a big house (wait for the end)

The creepy triplets

The killer-in-chief

The art student

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