Tancredo dropping out of presidential race?

The immigration-obsessed congressman has called a press conference in Iowa on Thursday; early speculation is that he'll announce his exit.

By Alex Koppelman

Published December 19, 2007 8:14PM (EST)

We might not have Tom Tancredo to kick around anymore. The Colorado congressman may be ending his quest for the Republican presidential nomination as early as Thursday, the Politico's Jonathan Martin is reporting.

Martin seems to be speculating in his blog post on the subject, but it's at least educated speculation. Tancredo has called a press conference, at which he'll make a "major announcement regarding the campaign." Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa -- Tancredo's friend and fellow immigration obsessive -- has endorsed another candidate, and Tancredo's congressional spokesman, contacted by Martin, didn't even know whether his boss would be staying in the race.

Our only question if Tancredo does exit is this: Which candidate will provide the American people the valuable service of producing scare ads warning of illegal immigrants coming to set off backpack bombs in our shopping malls? In Tancredo's words, "someone needs to say it." Mitt Romney, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Update: Fox News says it has "GOP sources close to the campaign" who confirm that Tancredo will be dropping out. Tancredo would not confirm or deny the report.

Alex Koppelman

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