Remember electability?

After Iowa, Clinton's numbers plummet in New Hampshire.

By Tim Grieve
January 8, 2008 12:27AM (UTC)
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The Clinton campaign says that "fiercely independent" New Hampshire voters "will make their own decisions about who to support." That may be right, but what happened in Iowa seems to be having a direct effect on what's happening in New Hampshire.

The latest evidence: CBS News has just repolled the same New Hampshire Democrats it polled back in November. The first time around, 72 percent of those voters said they thought Hillary Clinton had the best chance of winning the general election. Only 11 percent said they thought Barack Obama did. One Iowa later, those numbers have changed dramatically. In the new poll out today, 42 percent give Obama the best chance in November, compared with 41 percent for Clinton.


John Edwards? He's the steady state: Seven percent gave him the best shot in November and 8 percent give him the best shot now.

Tim Grieve

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