Arguing across the color line

Obama says he understands that the Clintons are "frustrated."

By Tim Grieve
January 9, 2008 3:08AM (UTC)
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Appearing on CNN a few minutes ago, Democratic consultant Donna Brazile said that Bill Clinton should back away from his attacks on Barack Obama because he may be offending African-American voters. She complained that Clinton has referred to Obama as a "kid" -- did he? -- and said that if conservative pundit Bill Bennett were talking like Clinton is, she'd call him out and tell him to shut up.

As for Obama? He showed today that he can condescend right back. Asked about the former president's complaint that the media has built a "fairy tale" around him, Obama said: "I understand they're frustrated right now. I suspect that they'll both try to get back on track in terms of the strategy for them to do better than they feel they're doing right now."

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