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Members of Salon's reader community, Table Talk, extol the joys of going solo.

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January 25, 2008 11:30PM (UTC)
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Private Life

Table for One?

DianeF - 07:32 pm Pacific Time - Jan 22, 2008

A thread for people who do not currently have a significant other and aren't willing to put their lives on hold until they do. A place to vent about our romantic love-obsessed culture and how much being alone sucks; ideas and suggestions for living the single life to its fullest.


shellbell - 07:41 pm Pacific Time - Jan 22, 2008 - #2 of 101

I look at all the people who are unhappily married and stuck, and figure it's better to be single and happy than settled and miserable. But then I'm incorrigibly unromantic.

Chronica - 08:34 pm Pacific Time - Jan 22, 2008 - #10 of 101


I recently turned 51, and have never been married. I would like to be in a relationship, but I'm a weirdo and only a certain kind of man is going to go for me. And I live by the philosophy, "It takes a hell of a man to be better than no man."

VickieMcKay - 07:38 am Pacific Time - Jan 23, 2008 - #21 of 101

I'm enjoying an individually portioned quiche from Trader Joe's.


Good one. Other reasons for loving being single:

Total control of the remote.

You pick what you want for dinner every night

You can stay at your family get togethers until *you* want to leave

No inlaws - MILs and SILs

You always pick the movie at Blockbuster


No one ever drinks the last glass of your bottle of wine

No gross pubic hair in the bathroom; no gross whiskers in the sink

Seat. always. down.

No more washing 7 tee shirts and 7 underwear and 7 pairs of socks EVERY WEEK

"Why, yes, I'd love to attend..(fill in the blank)" Not: "I'll have to check with..."


Did I make anyone feel better? Because I have more.

bluewish - 11:02 am Pacific Time - Jan 23, 2008 - #42 of 126

I suppose embracing single life is really not that easy in our society. It's not what is expected of us from society, and not what is celebrated by our holidays. However, it isn't the kiss of death either. Not that long ago, I was lamenting my own inability to find a healthy relationship. It took really looking at that lament ... really dissecting it and figuring out why it bothered me ... to realize that the reason it bothered me had more to do with other people's expectations of me, and views of the sad, lonely single girl, than what I really wanted from life. Life is what you make it. I see couples around me who are happy and couples who are miserable ... being a "couple" is not the road to happiness. Being content with your self, whether single or coupled, is the only way to really be happy. I like who I am. That's enough.


jenbynight - 11:24 am Pacific Time - Jan 23, 2008 - #48 of 126

I hate f*cking Valentine's Day. Or, as it should probably be called, "Hey, all you Single F*cking Losers, Why Can't You Get a F*cking Date?" Day.

I hate that there is a day set aside for the sole purpose of buying cards and shitty candy to prove your love. I hate Hallmark for propagandizing the notion that giving someone a f*cking stuffed lion that f*cking purrs is an appropriate way to let them know that they are important to you. F*ck you, F*cking Hallmark.

Also, to f*ckers like Dr. Phil and and that f*cking eHarmony ass? F*ck you, too. Believe it or not, the reason that I am single is because I LIKE BEING SINGLE. I am not sad. I am not lonely. I am not suicidal. The only thing that makes me f*cking different from you is that I don't have to go drop 100 bucks on some useless crapola (and 3 bucks on a card) to show someone how much I love them. Sure, I’d like to be married some day, but I promise here and now that I won’t be dropping lots of cash on them come February 14.


And, to all you people who defend Valentine's Day as "a day to celebrate the beauty of love" ... F*ck you, too. This day is about the commercialization of love. It's about 50 bucks for roses, overcrowded restaurants and cheesy-ass cards. It's about fake sentiment. It's an entire day dedicated to BS.

Oh, and to Cingular and your "Pretty in Pink" Razr phone, "just in time for Valentine's Day"? F*ck you and the poor pink horse you rode in on.

And to you people who make the f*cking "Conversation Hearts"? I'd say F*ck you, too, but, um, I really like your crappy candy. You are the only thing I like about F*cking Valentine's day. But the messages on your f*cking crappy candy are really stupid. So there.

***This message brought to you by a cooperative effort of the makers of Prozac and Zoloft.


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