Getting ready for the Democratic showdown

Sort-of-live blogging from a "Generation Obama" event as the final Democratic debate before Super Tuesday gets underway.

Published February 1, 2008 1:01AM (EST)

I'll be live (well, let's call it sort-of-live) blogging the Democratic debate tonight, but from an unusual location. I'm currently at a club in Midtown Manhattan, at an event sponsored by a group of young supporters of Sen. Barack Obama called "Generation Obama." My laptop's resting on a bar, I've got a drink beside me and there's been a pretty steady diet of Stevie Wonder playing. If it weren't for the price of drinks, the less-than-reliable wireless connection and the fact that I had to fight my way through what looks to be a couple hundred people to get to the space reserved for press, I could probably get used to this.

Why am I doing this? Well, because we thought it would be fun. (That'll teach me.) Also, because this is an event in New York, and while Sen. Hillary Clinton looks set to win here on Tuesday, since it's her home state of the moment, this is an important constituency for Obama. He's obviously proven that he can motivate young people to an extent other candidates have not been able to but in this case just the words "Barack Obama" brought a lot of people in his key demographic out to a bar. To watch, of all things, a presidential debate. Actually, the organizers have just announced that the crowd has grown so large here that they're going to have to start turning people away -- and this is not a particularly small space.

The debate looks set to start now; as long as my Internet connection holds up, I'll continue bringing you updates.

By Alex Koppelman

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