If Clinton gets the nomination, would Michelle Obama support her?

In an interview on "Good Morning America," the candidate's wife raises doubts.

Published February 4, 2008 7:18PM (EST)

When ABC's Deborah Roberts interviewed Michelle Obama on "Good Morning America" Monday morning, she asked what Obama would do if her husband's rival got the Democratic Party's nomination:

Roberts: "Could you see yourself working to support Hillary Clinton if she gets the nomination?"

Obama: "I'd have to think about that. I'd have to think about policies, her approach, her tone."

That's not everything that Obama had to say on the subject. As Roberts followed up, Obama immediately softened her previous comment.

Roberts: "That's not a given?"

Obama: "You know everyone in this party is going to work hard for whoever the nominee is. I think that, you know, we're all working for the same thing. And, you know, I think our goal is to make sure that the person in the White House is going to take this country in a different direction. I happen to believe that Barack is the only person who can really do that."

Earlier in the interview, Roberts asked Obama to compare herself with Bill Cinton as a campaigner:

Roberts: "Is there any comparing you and Bill Clinton in how you're approaching this?"

Obama: "Absolutely not. I'm a different person. I don't know Bill Clinton. I've never sat down and had a conversation with him. I couldn't begin to dissect who he is. But I know who I am. And, you know, I don't think that there are many similarities in terms of how, you know, we approach it, you know, how we were raised, how we think about the world. I think, you know, we are very different people."

By Katharine Mieszkowski

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