Obama more than doubled Clinton's January fundraising

After a long wait, Hillary Clinton's campaign puts out her fundraising totals, which reveal that she fell far behind Barack Obama.

Published February 5, 2008 5:30PM (EST)

Last week, Sen. Barack Obama's campaign announced that it had taken in $32 million in donations in January alone, breaking a record. At the time, the campaign of rival Sen. Hillary Clinton was remarkably silent, leading observers to conclude that the Clinton campaign hadn't come close to matching that total. We have confirmation of that belief now, as on Monday night Terry McAuliffe, Clinton's campaign chairman, told MSNBC's Tim Russert that the campaign had raised "about 13 million, $13.5 million" in January.

McAuliffe told Russert, though, that he was "very proud of" the January numbers -- which, really, would be an impressive figure were it not for Obama's haul. And while he congratulated Obama's campaign on its January take, McAuliffe noted that Clinton had won the money race for 2007. "We won the fourth quarter and the third quarter. We actually raised more in '07 than Barack Obama did," McAuliffe said.

By Alex Koppelman

Alex Koppelman is a staff writer for Salon.

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