Planned Parenthood: McCain's no moderate on abortion rights

A new radio ad aims to publicize the senator's anti-choice stance.

Published February 13, 2008 4:00PM (EST)

"But he's pro-choice, isn't he?" This from a pretty well-informed friend of mine, recently, about John McCain. And she's not even a Republican. I don't know what kind of P.R. magic his people have pulled to accomplish this -- what part of "I do not support Roe vs. Wade" don't you understand? -- but there does persist the notion that McCain is moderate. Which he definitely is in the context of reproductive rights, if by "moderate" you mean "moderately sure to hasten apocalypse." (McCain has received an impressive zero percent rating from Planned Parenthood, the lowest in the Senate.) To counteract this misconception -- doubly bizarre given how busy he has been trying to show his putative base how Huckabeetastic he is -- the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (the group's political arm) Tuesday launched this radio ad in the D.C. market (in video form online). "There's a lot of work to be done to educate voters [especially moderate Republicans and independents] about McCain's anti-choice stance," P.P. told Broadsheet, "and we are starting early." Feel free to share with other "pretty well-informed" friends.

By Lynn Harris

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