"Viva Obama"

If you've had enough of musical campaign pitches, maybe the problem is that you haven't heard them in Spanish yet.

Published February 20, 2008 8:39PM (EST)

A reader brought one of the latest musical campaign videos to my attention today, and guaranteed that it'd be posted here by pointing out that it's much better than "Rock Around Barack." (I've also gotten one complaint that I'm driving the "Rock Around Barack" jokes into the ground, to which I say: Uh, yeah -- you think I didn't know that?)

In fact, having taken a listen, this latest video -- "Viva Obama" -- is indeed much better than "Rock Around Barack." According to Advertising Age's Laura Martinez, the video was made and funded by Miguel Orozco, the president of an interactive advertising agency, as part of a viral campaign independent from but on behalf of Barack Obama, whom Orozco supports. It's been posted to the Web site "Amigos de Obama" (Friends of Obama). Orozco, Martinez says, is trying to hit every demographic with his efforts; in addition to "Viva Obama" there's Obama reggaeton and a series of mini-telenovelas. The "Viva Obama" video, and a YouTubed version of the reggaeton song, follow.

By Alex Koppelman

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