Maybe she likes the hot wings

Mike Huckabee's wife stays at the Hooters in Vegas. Interesting choice for a Southern Baptist lady.

Published February 21, 2008 11:41PM (EST)

The mind reels to imagine what compelled the wife of Mike "Let's Rewrite the Constitution According to the Bible" Huckabee to stay at a Hooters Casino in Las Vegas last week. Was it the rooms with descriptions encouraging you to "imagine having a party with the Hooters Girls," or the suites where "you can still party like a child actor"? Or perhaps it was the allure of the canyon-cleavaged dealers called the "Rack Pack"? Or maybe it was the "in case of boss/wife abort button" on the Web site?

Janet Huckabee's for-the-record explanation is all very well and good. She told the San Francisco Chronicle that it was a matter of necessity. She needed some R & R from the grueling schedule of the campaign trail, and she was committed to supporting her close friend Arkansas prizefighter Jermain Taylor, who fought Kelly Pavlik over the weekend. When Huckabee thought she couldn't make the fight, she canceled her room at the MGM Grand, and then when plans changed again she joined a friend who happened to have an extra room at Hooters.

I guess I'm OK with that -- it's not fair to have political spouses live under a microscope, just because their husbands or wives are running for election. On the other hand: Hooters?!? At least there should be a litmus test for hypocrisy. I'm curious how her choice jives with her Southern Baptist faith and its directive to cultivate "Biblical womanhood." Or is it more like this is their deeply held belief, unless it gets in the way of hanging out in Sin City and watching two men throw punches at each other's heads?

By Carol Lloyd

Carol Lloyd is currently at work on a book about the gentrification wars in San Francisco's Mission District.

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