The return of "Peter & the Wolf"

An Oscar-nominated short brings back Prokofiev's classic music -- but a host of videos show it's been with us all along.

Published February 21, 2008 11:29AM (EST)

If you're anything like me, Sergei Prokofiev's 1936 "Peter and the Wolf" is lodged deep into your brain, somewhere even further back than "The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy." The flute, the tympani, the oboe, the bassoon each evoke a different character and carry us right back to our childhood. Now a new stop-action animated version of the classic musical, by filmmakers Hugh Welchman and Suzie Templeton, has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Although the new, Oscar-nominated "Peter & the Wolf" is not available online (check out the trailer here; or look for it at a select screening near you), Prokofiev's music provides the score for a host of YouTube videos. Below is a selection of originals (the Disney classic!) and spinoffs from around the Web. Watch them one at a time, or all at once. A little bird told us you might like them.

Here's a Beat Boxing flutist:

Watch Walt Disney experience the score:

Here's Part 1 of the 1946 animated Disney version:

Here's the second part of the Disney film:

A contemporary claymation:

And finally, from the depths of YouTube, somebody's bubbly baby couldn't get enough of the story:

By Caitlin Shamberg

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