Roundup: Georgia defends repro rights

Plus, Turkey's president approves legislation to overturn hijab ban.

Published February 23, 2008 12:50AM (EST)

In Georgia, reproductive rights are safe, for now. The Georgia state House of Representatives voted to set aside a proposed constitutional amendment that would define life as starting at the moment of fertilization. If passed, the amendment could not only ban abortions but any type of birth control that prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. (Via Feminist Weekly News.)

Man dresses as schoolgirl, tries to fit in. This is a bizarre one: A 39-year-old Japanese man donned a wig and schoolgirl's uniform and took a walk by a local school. The Guardian reports, "Students standing outside the school gates caught sight of him and started screaming, local papers reported, at which point [he] rushed on to the school grounds hoping to blend in with the crowds of teenagers." Eventually the man fled the school grounds but was soon found and arrested. (Via Jezebel.)

Pain for pleasure. Sure, high heels are disfiguring, but they might spice up your sex life, reports the BBC. Dr. Maria Cerruto says her research shows that two-inch heels strengthen women's pelvic muscles, potentially also improving their, as the BBC puts it, "sexual performance and satisfaction." (Via Feministe.)

What about sexual stimulation without the pleasure? ABC News reports on Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, which is best described as "spontaneous, intrusive, and unwanted genital arousal"; sufferers are virtually always on the verge of orgasm. If that doesn't exactly sound like suffering, think again. Heather Dearmon says the disease almost drove her to commit suicide. "I would rather never have another orgasm in my life for the rest of my life -- than to have this problem," she said.

Hijabs head back to school. Today, Turkey's President Abdullah Gul approved legislation repealing the country's ban on head scarves at universities. He said he "believes it is necessary that measures to strengthen basic rights and freedoms be accelerated and that priority be given to reforms needed for the European Union membership process."

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