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Shut up about your fantasy baseball team! And listen to what happened with mine.

By King Kaufman
Published February 25, 2008 11:00AM (EST)

February's a quiet time in American sports, with basketball and hockey in the dog days and baseball just starting to stretch the cobwebs away. But it's high season for fantasy baseball drafts.

In this column's first-ever video installment, we consider fantasy baseball teams: endlessly fascinating to their owners, endlessly boring to everybody else.

Leaping headlong into the 20th century, King Kaufman's Sports Daily is entering the exciting world of moving pictures. We're still in the experimenting stages and today's video was intended as a trial run, but enough people liked it enough and are indifferent enough to my career prospects that we decided to run it.

Salon and I are working on this with DoublePlayTV, a new venture by the company that created the sports stock market Pro Trade. The idea of DoublePlayTV is to create videos from the perspective of fans, as opposed to "a bunch of suits spouting off 'expert opinions' and telling you what to think."

Please use the comments thread to let us know what you think, and also what you'd like to see in future videos.

King Kaufman

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