Who is, or was, Big Oil's candidate?

Clinton beats Obama and McCain. But nobody currently running for president comes close to the real winner.

By Andrew Leonard
Published March 3, 2008 7:43PM (EST)

Treehugger passes on some figures on Big Oil 2008 campaign contributions, derived from the very nifty calculator operated by Oil Change International.

Of candidates still left in the race, Hillary Clinton ($267,150) edges out John McCain ($229,685) for first place. Barack Obama is third, having only raised $128,290. Ron Paul raised $84,438; Mike Huckabee, a paltry $51,600.

But the real eye-opener is who tops the list when you include candidates who have already dropped out of the race. Here, Rudy Giuliani is the runaway winner, with an astonishing $634,858, and Mitt Romney is next with a very respectable $379,863.

I'd demand a refund.

Andrew Leonard

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