Obama takes Wyoming

Obama wins seven of 12 delegates and 60 percent of caucus-goers' votes in the nation's least-populous state.

By Mark Schone
Published March 9, 2008 1:16AM (EST)

With all but one county reporting, Barack Obama has won Wyoming, beating Hillary Clinton 59 to 40 percent. Obama will take seven of the state's 12 delegates, Clinton will take five. (A 13th delegate will be assigned by a vote of the state convention.) The victory will likely bring Obama's national delegate total to 1,534, Clinton's to 1,433.

Turnout in Wyoming, a Republican state of just half a million people where no Democratic presidential candidate has won an electoral vote since 1964, was close to 8,000 caucus-goers, exceeding the expectations of party officials. Four years ago, with John Kerry already assured of the presidential nomination, fewer than 700 people showed up for the caucuses.

Barack Obama has now taken 13 of 15 caucuses in the Democratic race. In the mountain states, Obama has won caucuses in Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado, and the Utah primary, while Clinton has won primaries in Arizona and New Mexico. In Nevada, Clinton garnered the votes of more caucus-goers but Obama wound up with the edge in delegates, 13 to 12.

Mark Schone

Mark Schone is Salon's executive news editor.

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