Does Hillary Clinton remind you of your mom?

Linda Hirshman sees the presidential candidate in terms of a power struggle between mothers and daughters.

By Sarah Hepola

Published April 21, 2008 9:25PM (EDT)

Linda Hirshman thinks so. In a cover story in today's Slate, the author of "Get to Work" makes the argument that Hillary Clinton's candidacy has kicked off a power struggle between daughters and their mothers. Consider the following confession from one interview subject: "I have a dirty little political secret. I hate to admit it, because it makes me feel unfeminist and silly and a little bit irrational. But it's true and I have to get it off my chest. I'm not backing Hillary Clinton -- and that's at least in part because she reminds me of being scolded by my mother."

Hirshman goes on to congratulate both New York magazine's Amanda Fortini and Salon's Rebecca Traister for what she calls "courageous, conversation-altering essays about the rabid anti-feminism alienating even [Barack] Obama's own female supporters." But we've covered that particular territory before.

Sarah Hepola

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