Networks say Clinton will win Pennsylvania

MSNBC and Fox News both call the Pennsylvania primary for Clinton, but the margin remains to be seen.

By Steve Benen
Published April 23, 2008 4:51AM (UTC)
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MSNBC and Fox News are both reporting that Hillary Clinton will win Pennsylvania's Democratic primary.

The margin of victory, however, will likely make all the difference. A narrow win for Clinton may end up looking like a moral victory for Barack Obama. Indeed, there are some reports this evening that the Obama campaign's strategy of late was to force Clinton to spend heavily for a single-digit victory, which would leave her with limited resources for the remaining contests.


Clinton told reporters earlier, "A win is a win." If she ends up winning by a small margin, expect to hear that phrase a lot tomorrow morning.

Update: ABC and CBS have also said Clinton will win Pennsylvania. CNN's Wolf Blitzer said the race is "very competitive."

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