Clinton makes another electability argument

In a presentation sent to superdelegates, the Clinton camp says that Hillary can help Democrats in Congress in November.

By Vincent Rossmeier
May 10, 2008 12:23AM (UTC)
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Hillary Clinton's campaign is apparently hoping that if impassioned pleas won't persuade superdelegates to support Clinton, snazzy graphics will.

The campaign has sent a PowerPoint presentation to superdelegates that illustrates her primary success in what it terms the "tough districts." According to the chart, she has won 16 of the 20 districts that went in George W. Bush's favor in 2004 but turned around and elected freshman Democrats to Congress in 2006. The presentation reiterates the message the Clinton campaign has repeated frequently lately, that Clinton is the better general-election candidate because she can win the votes of blue-collar whites, the elderly and Hispanic voters, while Obama cannot.


Separately Friday, Clinton aides also announced that they are willing to continue their campaign past the final primaries on June 3. Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said, "If neither of the candidates gets to 2,209 [delegate votes], then the [nominating] process continues."

Vincent Rossmeier

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