Obama basically concedes two upcoming primaries

Hillary Clinton's campaign may be on its last legs, but she'll probably still pick up a couple of victories on her way out -- even Barack Obama thinks so.

By Alex Koppelman
May 9, 2008 6:03PM (UTC)
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Hillary Clinton has, at this point, very little -- if any -- chance of winning the Democratic nomination. But that doesn't mean that she won't win a couple of more states as she heads toward the exit. And on Thursday, Barack Obama acknowledged that she's almost certain to win two of the upcoming contests.

Speaking to reporters from the floor of the Capitol Rotunda, where his presence had reportedly caused something of a mob scene, Obama said, "Senator Clinton is a formidable candidate; she is very likely to win West Virginia and Kentucky; those are two states where she's got insurmountable leads. We are going to spend some time there, but we are also going to be going to Oregon, Montana, South Dakota and Puerto Rico."


Of course, with the discussion of demographics still looming constantly over the campaign, it's worth pointing out that Clinton will likely win West Virginia and Kentucky simply because of the advantage she has enjoyed with white working-class voters.

Alex Koppelman

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