The future is now: Solar-paneled bras

Japan brings us the latest in wacky eco-lingerie.

By Rachel Shukert
May 16, 2008 12:00AM (UTC)
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Everyone already knows that breasts have mysterious powers: After all, they can feed babies, hypnotize sexual partners and develop life-threatening diseases, and the sweat that forms in that crease beneath smells different from the sweat in any other part of the body. (Yes, I've spent time thinking about this.) And now, thanks to Trinity International Japan, maybe breasts can solve the energy crisis!

The Japanese lingerie maker has invented the "photovoltaic-powered bra," which features a solar panel that can generate enough electricity to charge a small electrical device. The upside? There's no excuse for your phone running out of battery power again! The downside? Since the device is solar powered, you have to wear your bra on the outside of your clothes.


But surely this is a small price to pay when the bra also features a reusable, refillable drink container in each cup, designed to cut down on disposable cans and bottles. It's like a beer helmet, but in your underwear. (See also: the wine rack.)

As for me, I say if wearing my bra on the outside of my shirt while I sip Diet Coke from each boob is going to save us all from death by glacial melt, then I will do so gladly. And if it's actually comfortable and comes in a variety of cup sizes, so much the better.

Rachel Shukert

Rachel Shukert is the author of Everything is Going To Be Great and Have You No Shame. Her YA series Starstruck is forthcoming from Random House in the spring of 2013. She lives in New York City.

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