The longest 47 seconds ever

John McCain's campaign does its best to keep cameras away from the candidate's brief appearance with President Bush.

By Alex Koppelman
May 28, 2008 7:59PM (UTC)
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For some strange reason -- it might have something to do with George W. Bush's disapproval rating, which is the highest recorded for any president -- John McCain's campaign apparently doesn't want its candidate seen in public with the president.

The two appeared together at a fundraiser in Arizona on Tuesday, but the fundraiser was closed to the press. Then, McCain accompanied Bush to the airport for the president's flight out. Their time at the airport was the only moment when the press could capture images of the two together, and even then, according to Fox News, they were within camera shot for only 47 seconds, and were together on the tarmac for just 26 seconds. They gave each other a very quick hug, and an even quicker handshake, before Bush boarded Air Force One.


Video is below.

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