Joan Rivers' F-bomb on British television

After her colorful description of Russell Crowe, the comedian is escorted off the set.

Published June 18, 2008 3:25PM (EDT)

Comedian, yenta and humanoid space being Joan Rivers was whisked off the set of British chat show "Loose Women" Tuesday for responding colorfully to a line of questioning about her experiences interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. Rivers said she enjoyed talking to the stars if they are nice, but like most people, she dislikes conversing with those who are insufferably rude. The controversy arose when she called out mirth-mobile Russell Crowe as "a piece of fucking shit."

The other ladies on the panel howled with laughter as Rivers expressed her surprise that the program had no delay and thus her very candid observation would be broadcast in its entirety, so that the pensioners and invalids watching at home could hear it, in between slurps of their Bovril and Lucozade! Blimey! (Take that, Jane Fonda!)

I thought the Brits were slightly more enlightened about this stuff -- and I assumed, as Rivers did, that they brought her on for a reason and she delivered -- but apparently not, as Rivers was immediately escorted out of the studio and presenter Jackie Brambles was forced to make an on-air apology. But there are no hard feelings. In a statement issued later, Rivers said: "Yes, I swore, and I'm so fucking sorry."

By Rachel Shukert

Rachel Shukert is the author of Everything is Going To Be Great and Have You No Shame. Her YA series Starstruck is forthcoming from Random House in the spring of 2013. She lives in New York City.

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