Bill Clinton on Obama: "We had a good talk"

While announcing a deal his foundation struck to reduce the price of malaria drugs in Africa, the former president takes questions on the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Published July 17, 2008 6:50PM (EDT)

At a press conference in New York on Thursday, former President Bill Clinton announced that his foundation had struck a deal with leading pharmaceutical companies to provide key anti-malarial drugs to Africa at cheaper, stabler prices. That should be a story by itself, but of course some reporters couldn't resist asking him about the presidential election, and Clinton answered.

Speaking about Barack Obama, with whom Clinton has reportedly been upset, Clinton said he and Obama "had a good talk," and that he'd campaign with the presumptive Democratic nominee "whenever he asks."

Clinton also commented on remarks Jesse Jackson made about Obama while on a live mike at a Fox News studio. "An apology was a good thing to do ... If all of us lived on live mikes, 100 percent of us would be embarrassed," Clinton said.

By Alex Koppelman

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