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John McCain's not sounding terribly optimistic about his prospects for victory.

Published July 17, 2008 8:09PM (EDT)

Via Politico's Jonathan Martin, here's John McCain speaking at a town hall in New Mexico earlier this week:

Could I mention the presence of my friend Congressman Steve Pearce who I believe will be joining me in the United States Senate.

Pearce is running to replace his fellow New Mexico Republican, Pete Domenici, in the Senate. If he and McCain both win their elections, Pearce actually would not join McCain in the Senate. He wouldn't be inaugurated until next year, at just about the same time McCain would be leaving the Senate for the White House. (Of course, you can nitpick this joke if you really want to, and point out that the new Congress will be sworn in before the new president is, but it's likely that whoever wins the presidency will resign his Senate seat before the new Congress comes in. Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush resigned from their previous posts the month before they were first inaugurated.)

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