It's hard out there for a political spouse

An overenthusiastic handshake leaves Cindy McCain with a sprained hand.

Published August 13, 2008 8:09PM (EDT)

Some Republicans apparently like Cindy McCain a little too much.

Campaigning for her husband, John, on Wednesday in Michigan, McCain was working a rope line when she shook hands with an overenthusiastic voter. Campaign spokeswoman Melissa Shuffield told Salon the shake "exacerbated an existing carpal tunnel condition for which she has had previous surgeries." Taking no chances, McCain went from the event to a hospital near Detroit for X-rays, which were negative, but she was treated for a "minor sprain."

She'll be back on the campaign trail on Thursday, presumably asking her husband's supporters to find a less dangerous way to channel their energy.

By Mike Madden

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