Remembering Stephanie Tubbs Jones

She was a great advocate for her district and for all of us, and she'll be missed in Denver next week.

Published August 22, 2008 5:43AM (EDT)

I wrote this short piece about the death of Stephanie Tubbs Jones on Open Salon today. It's to the point; I don't have much to add, except I'm still very sad.

I was looking forward to seeing her in Denver; I thought of her as one of the people who could pull the party together, convincingly: An African American Hillary Clinton supporter, she advanced her candidate with joy and optimism and without trashing Barack Obama. I was planning to attend a luncheon to honor Tubbs Jones and Clinton next Tuesday, sponsored by Susie Tompkins Buell's WomenCount PAC. I expected her to help reluctant Clinton supporters back Obama as joyfully as she'd backed Clinton in the primary.

My favorite memory of Tubbs Jones is watching her on The Colbert Report, when Stephen Colbert envisioned her helming a daytime TV court drama, "Judge Tubbs," and she played along.

By Joan Walsh

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