Knock it off, Paul Begala

The veteran Democrat and Clinton supporter attributes Sarah Palin's poise to "her beauty pageant training."

Published August 30, 2008 1:00PM (EDT)

I just watched Paul Begala attribute Sarah Palin's poise at her Friday V.P. announcement to her "beauty pageant training." CNN's Campbell Brown immediately called him on it, and Begala only dug his hole deeper, telling America that his wife, too, is a beauty queen, who also has two Ph.D.s. "There's nothing wrong with being good looking," Begala told Brown, who seemed flabbergasted.

Knock it off, Paul. There's plenty of reason to criticize McCain's Hail-Mary pick of Palin, but it's disturbing to watch a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter dismissing a female politician with sexist digs. She's been in politics for many years, she's had plenty of time to develop poise. Criticize her right-wing politics, her creationist beliefs, her lack of experience, but the beauty-queen crap is getting old -- and it's only 12 hours.

By Joan Walsh

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