"True Fantasy Football"

The Lingerie Bowl takes a page from the Victoria's Secret playbook.

Published September 10, 2008 7:15PM (EDT)

This just in over both the Evil Genius Self-Parody and the Women With Insufficient Protective Gear wires: Super Bowl halftime gimmick Lingerie Football (no, yeah, as in gridiron sport, not wedding shower divertissement) is set to become a real live league of its own, with 10 franchise teams (The Seattle Mist? Clearly no match for the Phoenix Scorch) and a full-on bowl in Tampa next year, where they will likely find themselves embroiled in scandal if a nipple does not pop out during the halftime show. But before we get our teddies in too much of a twist, let us remember: They will crumple in the face of the juggernaut that is Puppy Bowl.

By Lynn Harris

Award-winning journalist Lynn Harris is author of the comic novel "Death by Chick Lit" and co-creator of BreakupGirl.net. She also writes for the New York Times, Glamour, and many others.

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