A life well spent, reviewing Neal Stephenson

"Anathem" does not disappoint. Unless you have a problem with philosophy

Published September 11, 2008 4:13AM (EDT)

Neal Stephenson has devoted his life to writing big, bold novels whose obsessions range from the far future to the past, with big doses of science, philosophy, and computer geekery thrown in. Sometimes it seems like I've devoted my entire life to chronicling his literary exploits.

Can't say I regret it.

My latest review of his newest novel, "Anathem," is up now, at Salon Books.

My three reviews of each volume of "The Baroque Cycle":


"The Confusion"

"The System of the World"

An interview. But Laura Miller's was way better.

And one of these days, just for historical purposes, I've got to get my SF Bay Guardian review of "Snow Crash" scanned and uploaded. It just seems wrong that that review is not available online.

By Salon Staff

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