"Sex and the City" for the kiddies!

Candace Bushnell will soon introduce Carrie Bradshaw to young adult readers.

Published September 18, 2008 9:35AM (EDT)

After conquering adult fiction, cable television and the film industry with tales of a Cosmo-swilling New Yorker's sex life, Candace Bushnell must have felt something missing from the "Sex and the City" franchise. She must have, as her beloved protagonist so often did, sat down at her computer, chewed on her cheek and narrated: "So, I wondered, what's left?" And the answer, jumping across her computer screen as she typed, must have been, "Young adult novels!"

See, because HarperCollins announced Wednesday that Bushnell will spin her "Sex" tales into two books for young adults.

A press release explained, "Bushnell takes readers back to Carrie Bradshaw's formative years in high school" -- follow her example and you, too, can end up neurotic, needy and narcissistic! -- "giving an inside look at Carrie's friendships, romances, and how she realized her dream of becoming a writer." Let me guess: She started by writing about losing her virginity for the school newspaper?

On that point, the New York Observer's Leon Neyfakh notes, "If the universe of the books is consistent with the universe of the show -- and it very well may not be -- readers should anticipate a scene featuring an 11th-grade Carrie sharing 'half a joint' with one Seth Bateman and then doing it with him on the Ping-Pong table in his 'smelly rec room.' At least this is how Carrie describes her origin story to Charlotte in episode 38, 'The Big Time.'" I'm going to betray my younger, sexually curious, YA-reading self and say: Please, god, no.

Hopefully the book will also include a little sex ed in the city.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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