GOP consultant: "Hail Mary passes rarely connect"

One GOP operative tells Salon John McCain "can't claim victory," but there is a "glimmer of an upside" -- maybe.

Published September 26, 2008 7:25PM (EDT)

Even some Republicans are having real difficulty sounding positive about how John McCain's latest gamble has played out. One GOP consultant, who worked for a McCain opponent during the primaries, tells Salon:

Hail Mary passes rarely connect.

But if there is any glimmer of an upside here, it's that McCain has seemingly kicked over a few tables and ruffled a few feathers with a congressional crowd that the rest of America has a very low opinion of.

He can't claim victory, but maybe the McCain camp can say it helps to not have any friends on Capitol Hill right now. Or at least they can hope.

By Mike Madden

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