Palin rocks the Internet

V.P. humor sites abound.

Published September 30, 2008 5:12PM (EDT)

While many of those in the big-league media are chronicling Sarah Palin's slide, especially following her disastrous interview with CBS' Katie Couric, the Internet continues to be the best source for Palin-related Internet oddities.

Here's my fave five, in no particular order:

1) Nude faux portrait of Palin

Since last Thursday, Chicago's Old Town Ale House has been hanging a nude portrait of Sarah Palin above the bar. The body, of course isn't actually Palin's, but rather that of Grace Elliott, who works at the bar. Her father, Bruce Elliott (also a co-owner of the bar), worked for nearly a week to capture her form on canvas.

Flickr and various other sites (including the bar's own) are carrying the uncensored version of the painting, should you desire to see it. Likely NSFW.

2) Little-known facts

About a month ago, Michael Turk (formerly the e-campaign director for Bush-Cheney ‘04) created a meme about Sarah Palin in the vein of and Now there's an online generator, Little Known Facts About Sarah Palin, with sentences like:

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin broke the iPhone
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin bought all the Wii Fits that Nintendo made and is sellig [sic] them on eBay.

and a related blog with new ones:

Sarah Palin doesn't need a gun to hunt, because she can throw a bullet through an adult bull elk. Or heck, get 'em printed on a T-shirt.

(Even Norris himself approves!)

3) Palin speech generator

A new site, ("Can't get an interview with Sarah Palin? We've got you covered), auto-generates sentences from things that Palin has said to create a nonsensical answer to a potential question from a reporter. It's based on a rather flabbergasting exchange from the recent interview between Palin and Couric.

Q: What is your foreign policy experience?

Alaska that we will be committed to Georgia. And we've got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans and trade we've got to stop. Spending that, investing that, not using the prudence that we can show is economic sanctions perhaps could be implemented if things weren't gonna go right. I thought yes, right off the face of the grade of problem that we can show is economic sanctions perhaps against Russia, if this is what it leads to. It doesn't have to stand for that. I believe that what Congress is going to have all the time, I'll tell you, I still can't answer that question of many vice presidents, they may have the same answer that I worked on as chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, overseeing the oil and gas development in our state to produce more for the other party.

4) Snarky McCain-Palin automatic haiku poetry generator

Political Irony takes McCain-Palin buzzwords and turns them into pretty creative and succinct poetry:

Sleazy politics 'Global warming not man-made' One hundred years war


Foreign policy Shooting moose from an airplane Next-door to Russia

5) Honorable Mention: Palin baby name generator (now defunct)

After all the hullabaloo around the Palin children, and their fun names like Trig and Track, one site created a script to come up with funny Palin baby names. Sadly, the site, which once created names like Tape Boise Palin or Wood Corps Palin, is now offline.

By Cyrus Farivar

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